Thank You CTDA Interns

Spring 2017

Carolyn Mortiz

Carolyn has joined CTDA from the Florida State University School of Information. Her internship focuses on the first creating a recommendations document for both an xml site map and an Islandora xml site map and then secondly on a sitemap's implementation. Her internship will incorporate research and practical practice.

Summer 2016

Erik Lindsay

Erik joined CTDA from the UConn School of Fine Arts Digital Media & Design program. His internship focused on the design of outreach, marketing, and branding materials for CTDA. This included re-designing CTDA's logo, creating style guidelines for presentations and web content, and creating outreach materials such as a bookmark or flier. During his internship, he furthered his knowledge of agile versus waterfall approaches to project management, time-management, and working with Git and GitHub.

Summer 2016

Connor J. Kennedy

Connor joined CTDA from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. His internship focused on outreach, education, and training. Connor worked to create a series of video tutorials for CTDA participants in addition to instructions on how to create those videos. Connor also worked in assisting to pre-process collections in UConn's Archives and Special Collections. During his internship, he learned how to create video tutorials, how users digest information and apply that to more effective training tools, and how archives work with analog collections.

Spring 2016

Tom Smith

Tom came to CTDA from the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science. His internship focused on content and metadata management. Tom worked hard to enhance descriptions as well as cleanup up inaccurate and inconsistent metadata. During his internship, he learned more about the tools and strategies used to manipulate large sets of data.

Fall 2015-Fall 2016

Samantha Cardone

Samatha came to CTDA from the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Her Internship focused on content and metadata management. She worked tireless to enhance descriptions for repository content. During her internship, she learned about mappings, transformations, controlled vocabularies, indexing, searching, and harvesting among other topics. Samantha continued with the CTDA to focus on enhancing content for historic maps.