Albert E. Waugh Papers

The collection contains the personal and professional papers of UConn professor Albert E. Waugh. The papers include professional papers such as convention journals, bulletins, positions taken, and addresses made to the academic conventions. Among the professional papers in the collection are many of Albert Waugh's publications. Included among them is his Master's Thesis, "A Basis for the Computation of Index Numbers of Prices of Farm Products in Connecticut." There are also scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings which relate to Waugh's research, as well as lecture notes and aids used by Waugh during his economics and mathematics lectures. The collection also features a large collection of photographs taken by Waugh, documenting the campus and university events from the 1930s to the 1960s. Among the photographs are images of the campus, banquets celebrating the 50th anniversary of the University, President Jorgensen's inauguration, the opening of the College Theatre, and Trustees' meetings. The files also contain correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, and files devoted to particular people, projects, or events connected to Professor Waugh's interest in sundials. Among the personal papers that make up the collection are numerous papers that provide valuable insight into Waugh's political views and activities, as well as the political activity in Connecticut during this period. Additionally, the collection contains numerous journals, keep by Waugh for more than four decades, containing Waugh's observations and comments on the University of Connecticut, the town of Storrs, and his family.
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