Connecticut State Museum of Natural History

The Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and Office of State Archaeology are home to the University of Connecticut's Anthropological Collections that represent the single largest repository of Connecticut Native American, colonial and industrial artifacts in existence. The materials housed here document over 12,000 years of Connecticut's past. Many of the artifacts are one-of-a-kind, representing a last link to our early cultural heritage. The Office of State Archaeology is charged with both the conservation of these collections, to ensure their continued physical preservation, and their curation, to make sure the information they contain is systematically organized and readily usable. Since the formation of the OSA, the collections have evolved into an invaluable resource for historical and archaeological research projects, graduate student theses and dissertation research, and public educational exhibits. In addition to the state’s archaeological collections, the Anthropological and Natural History collections include cultural and natural materials from around the world. The collections are not only a vital resource within the University community; their reach is felt throughout New England and beyond.
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