Remembering World War One

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Connecticut State Library
Connecticut Military Questionnaires, 1919-1920
Questionnaire forms completed by individual members of the armed services, giving personal data, statement of war service, and opinions about it; sometimes accompanied by photographs of individuals, lists of questionnaires and related correspondence.
Dudley Photograph Collection of Hartford During World War I (PG 034)
Most of the photographs in the Dudley collection are of war-related activities in Hartford during 1917-1919. All are believed to have been donated by William G. Dudley, a commercial photographer located on Main Street, Hartford during the war years. The subjects of the World War I photographs include the induction and embarkation of Connecticut soldiers, prominent Hartford citizens, military reviews, parades, Liberty Loan bond drives, Red Cross activities and armistice celebrations. Material of similar content is found in the Crocker Collection (RG69:002). Photographs attributed to Dudley can be found in the Crocker Group, while some pictures in the Dudley Collection were taken by another Hartford photographer, Frank Chudoba. Crocker, Dudley and Chudoba were all associated with the Hartford Courant. Many of the photographs in the Dudley Collection can be found printed in the Hartford Courant and citations are provided where applicable. In 1977 all of the negatives were placed in acid-free envelopes and 460 of the 573 glass plate negatives were printed. There were also 244 nitrate film negatives of Connecticut soldiers on the Mexican Front in 1916 which were digitized in 2014.
Harry Haye Young collection
American Consulate at London, England, certificate of registration regarding military service of Harry Haye Young of Hartford, Conn.; and travel permit and movement order to Nice and return for him as a representative of the American Expeditionary Forces Y.M.C.A.
Jacob Fred Bernasconi Collection
Jacob [Fred Bernasconi] was born in New Britain. CT in 1897 of Swiss descent. At the time of his enlistment in the U.S. Army he lived in Farmington, CT and worked as a chauffeur. His fiancée at the time was Augusta (Gussie) Marie Firnhaber of New Britain, CT., later his wife and my aunt (my mother's sister). Serving in France, Jacob was severely burned in a mustard gas attack (1st Purple Heart). After recuperating in an Army hospital in France he returned to the trenches. In the Battle of Chateau Thierry he and two comrades were advancing on a German machine gun in placement when an artillery shell exploded. This is where he was seriously wounded by shrapnel in the left buttock and leg (2nd Purple Heart). Two of his buddies were killed. After two years in Army hospitals he returned to New Britain and married his love, Gussie. Jake worked at Stanley Works in New Britain for many years as their garage (transportation) superintendent. Active in Stanley Works, he was president of the Employees Benefit Society. Well known in New Britain, he was active in American Legion, YD [Yankee Division] Club, and the Masonic Lodge. His hobbies were friends (many), reading books and Life Magazine, and target shooting. He smoked cedar wrapped cigars (only place sold was Jimmy's Smoke Shop in New Britain). He suffered from his wounds, crippled and in pain for 17 years. After falling down a flight of stairs his doctor performed exploratory surgery at New Britain General Hospital. A jagged piece of shrapnel was removed from his spine area (approximately 1 ½" long). After many more years of suffering Jake passed away in 1949. He is buried in section 34 in Fairview Cemetery in New Britain. --Information provided by Howard A. Swanson, October 27, 2014
Remembering World War One
Remembering World War One: Sharing History/Preserving Memories is a community generated collection of personal World War One keepsakes digitized at events throughout the state of Connecticut. The items in this collection belong to the citizens of Connecticut, who have generously allowed the digitization of their keepsakes for this project. The descriptions about each soldier is taken from information submitted at DIgitization Day Events or through online submissions. This information is provided by family members, neighbors, collectors and others and is displayed as such., RG012:011, Connecticut State Library, 1850-2014, Remembering World War One, State Archives, Connecticut State Library, State Archives, Connecticut State Library