Flood of 1936: cleanup on Front Street, Hartford

Debris, including cardboard boxes and paper, is piled and scattered on the street and sidewalk. Piles of clothing are stacked on wooden tables. A barrel is at the right. Five men stand nearby. One holds a stack of hats. Other holds a shovel. One man wears a uniform, possibly a National Guard uniform, and boots. Two others wear vests. An electric street light and a fire callbox are on the corner. Brick commercial buildings are in the background. Signs on businesses read: "[Good Fit] Uniform Co." "340 - Rosenbaum's - 340" "State Pharmacy" "Farmacia / Italiana" "Liquors / Candy / Soda / Cigars." "The J.A. ...emler Co. Grocers - 205" "Olive Oil." A street sign reads: "Front St." Inscribed on back: "After 1936 flood / Front Street, north corner of State St."
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