(West) Main Street, Mystic, looking northeast

View of West Main Street, Mystic, looking northeast toward Central Hall. Men and boys, at least one holding a shovel, are on the snow-covered street. Signs can be seen on each of the six buildings visible. Building on the far left has a sign for ""MYRTLE SALOON"". The one-story structure with vertical plank siding next to it has a sign over the door reading ""FERTILIZERS"". The I.W. Denison store has two ""I.W. DENISON & CO"" signs, one on the roof and one over the storefront. A sign projects from the second story that reads in part ""DENTIST"". Signs on the two buildings to the right, on the other side of Gravel Street, read: 'HATS CAPS/? & SHOES"" and ""F.M. MANNING"". On the far right is Central Hall. A sign over one of the storefronts reads: 'ALBANY GRAIN STORE"".