A.V. Morgan residence, Noank

View of a waterfront house with clapboard siding identified as the A.V. Morgan residence. Steps lead from an arbor in front of the house down a grassy embankment to a dock in the foreground. Boats cat be seen on either side of the dock. Printed in the border below the picture: ""P8004 A. V. Morgan Residence, Noank, Conn.""Handwritten message on the reverse reads: ""August 14/We arrived here last Friday. Sorry we did not see you in Boston. We were there Friday from 9 until 3 o'clock. We are having a perfectly lovely time in Noank. We have the use of a motor boat and are living in it most of the time. Mr. G. has gone to Ansonia today[?] to officiate at Mrs. ___'s funeral. Love from us all. G.M.G."" Addressed to ""Mrs. A. H. Dingle/43 Neponset Ave./ Dorchester/Mass."" Printed on the reverse: ""Underwood & Underwood, New York and London.""